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3rd Baltic Earth Conference
Earth system changes and Baltic Sea coasts
Jastarnia, Hel peninsula, Poland
1 - 5 June 2020



The BALTEX/Baltic Earth Publication Library

Compilation of BALTEX/Baltic Earth Publications (pdf)

Welcome to the BALTEX/Baltic Earth Publication Library!

The BALTEX/Baltic Earth Publication Library contains both (i) papers originating from the BALTEX and Baltic Earth programmes and (ii) other publications, which are not a result of the BALTEX or baltic Earth programmes, but are related to the objectives of BALTEX and Baltic Earth to some extent. Those papers which originate from the BALTEX or Baltic Earth programme are currently identified in the Library by having "BALTEX" or "Baltic Earth" inserted in the keyword list. The Library is continuously being updated. Hence, if you wish to limit your search actions to BALTEX or Baltic Earth results, always insert "BALTEX" or "Baltic Earth" into the keyword box.

All BALTEX/Baltic Earth authors are urgently requested to check the Library for completeness of their BALTEX/Baltic Earth publications!

The Library is established as a database using FileMaker Pro 5.5 software. It is installed on a file server of the Helmholtz-Zentrum,Geesthacht, Germany. You may view, print and search publication records in the Library. For security reasons visitors have no permission to add, delete or edit entries; the latter is being done exclusively by Silke Köppen at the Baltic Earth Secretariat.

If you wish to add an entry to the Library, mail a hardcopy of the publication to the International Baltic Earth Secretariat.
You may additionally send an e-mail to the International Baltic Earth Secretariat and provide the following information:

Subject: BALTEX/Baltic Earth Publication Library

  • Authors: first author: family name, initial/co-authors: initial, family name aso.
  • Title of publication
  • Affiliation of first author
  • Country of residence of first author
  • E-mail address of first author
  • Journal name, volume number, pages
  • Year of publication
  • Keywords - maximum 5
  • Abstract (in English)

Attention: Please, send an e-mail as well, if you wish to edit or delete an existing publication entry.

For any questions or suggestions, you may have, contact Silke Köppen at the Baltic Earth Secretariat.


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